Money Talk

Hello my lovelies,

Today’s post is going to be about MONEY! yes the green stuff the makes the world go round, the piece of paper that is said to not buy happiness yet it can buy me a car and pay my bills which does make me ecstatic.

Recently I was helping my partner budget and as I was collecting the information I came to the realization that I make more money than her. Now this is not really a big deal as I am sure most of us have significant others that make more than us but whats odd is that she works full time while I only work part time doing virtually the same thing. Of course I took into consideration the minimum wage difference between Colorado and Iowa but even so she gets tips on top of the minimum wage.

When I thought about it some more I realized the only other difference is I love my job and yes I am sure you’re thinking “your point is”… and I would answer you like so my point is if you work a job you love regardless of the amount of money it pays you’ll be more willing to work longer hours which mean over time that leads to a bigger paycheck and perhaps a potential advancement.

Maybe its just me but life is too short to work a job you hate no matter how much money you’d make.


once again thats my daily advice tune in tomorrow to see what else I have to say and if you’re feeling adventures give my other content a quick glance you may find something you enjoy and if not well you’re shit out of luck my friend.

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