Stress is Good

Let’s talk about stress we have all experienced some amount of stress in our lives at one point or another and most of us are probably under the impression that stress is harmful to our health, fatal in fact but perhaps our perception of stress is what really causes a negative impact on our health.

Stress is viewed as this horrible villain that does substantial damage wherever it goes, whether it is a cold, cardio vascular disease, or even cancer stress is the enemy and we must avoid it at all costs. However, what if I told you stress was actually good for you and that we need stress in our lives to succeed in challenging tasks we are faced with in our jobs, family, and relationships. Stress is an ally not an enemy.

Have you ever stop to think about the signs of stress? elevated heart rate, sharpened mind, adrenaline rush all of these symptoms are factors of our fight or flight response. As most of you probably know the fight or flight response is strictly for survival, it causes the human mind to switch almost into auto pilot so that an individual may achieve a particular high stress scenario. You see stress allows you to achieve your goals at a reasonable fast pace. For example, during a tournament like the World Series players would normally say they are nervous or they are excited…psst that is a form of stress. Stress can motivate us with nerves and excitement, it is almost has if stress is giving us the nudge we need to succeed.

Therefore, next time you feel the pressure of stress weighing down on you, just remember its there to help you.

You can also watch health psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk on stress, it is quite informative and entertaining, I highly recommend watching it.


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